1 month ago

Loveworld USA By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Benny Hinn is known around the world as an evangelist and teacher of the word of God. His television system "This is Your Day" is seen daily in 200 nations. The globe has been impacted by his ministry greater than four decades with life cha read more...

2 months ago

Pastor Bob Theories on Spiritual Warfare for Teens

Pastor Chris has been in Chris Oyakhilome the forefront of Christian teaching, alo read more...

2 months ago

{Living Through the Term & Chris Oyakhilome Online

I havepersonally followed Pastor Joe on-line for a while now. From making your (and my) religion work to boosting the youth community and direction through teams, awards and seminars, I will see his commitment to producing the Word benefit every o read more...

2 months ago

Pastor Chris Welcomed in Accra

Pastor Chris is among the

2 months ago

Pastor Chris Proceeds to Spread God's Word

Pastor Chris Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was called by God to make Believer's Love World Included (BLW), to help spread His message read more...